AMD’s 32 Core 64 Threads CPU

Thank you AMD! During the Computex 2018, AMD announced the latest Ryzen Threadripper Gen2. AMD’s  12 nm 2nd Gen 32 cores and 64 threads CPU will be released Q3 this year 2018.


The new gen AMD will have the same socket as the 1st gen Threadripper. The existing X399 motherboards plus an update firmware will be compatible with the 2nd Gen Threadripper. AMD didn’t announce the official name yet so let’s wait for their official announcement.

Intel has a 28 core CPU which is scheduled to be released this Q4. This will be an exciting event because AMD is making its mark in surpassing Intel for the most performing x86 CPU. I hope the non-bias and best reviewers will be able to get the latest Intel and AMD CPUs so we can have a scale of how these new CPUs will out perform each other and the current CPUs right now.


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