EdgeRouter Lite Firmware Upgrade via CLI

I have a new EdgeRouter Lite with an old firmware (V1.2). Before I configure the router I did a firmware update to the latest version. The problem is I am getting update error via WebGUI (CLI), this is due to low available storage. Below are the steps that worked for me

  1. Go to https://www.ui.com/download/ and type “erlite” in the search barui.com
  2. Get the download URL of the firmware, https://dl.ubnt.com/firmwares/edgemax/v2.0.x/ER-e100.v2.0.1.5174691.tardl_url
  3. There are two options for you to update the firmware, via CLI of WebGUI or any terminal emulator that supports SSH. Either way the command will be the same
  4. Type the ff to your terminal, remember to use the correct download URL of your target firmware
curl https://dl.ubnt.com/firmwares/edgemax/v2.0.x/ER-e100.v2.0.1.5174691.tar > image.tar
add system image image.tar

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