Fix Windows 10 Search

For many Windows users, the Windows Search is an important feature to be able to perform and complete their task, in finding their documents, videos, programs, etc. Recently I was using the search feature and no results was coming out. I did a Window’s update, verified index settings and restart but still the search featured is not working out. The only solution that worked for me is to remove Bing from Windows Search. Below are the steps to this.

  1. Open Registry Editor.
    1. Press Windows Key + R
    2. Type regedit then press enter
  2. Browse to
  3. Right Click in the right plane and select New
  4. Click D-WORD (32-bit) Value
  5. Type BingSearchEnabled and hit Enter
  6. Double-click the BingSearchEnabled
  7. Type 0 in the Value data field then click Ok
  8. Double-click CortanaConsent
  9. Type 0 in the data field
  10. Click OK
  11. Restart your PC

The Windows search should work already.

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