China limits playing online games of minors

To fight “youth video game addiction”, China ordered its online gaming companies to further reduce the services they provide for minor aged gamers. According to the official Xinhua, State-run press agency, young gamers are only permitted to spend an hour playing online games on Fridays, weekends, and holidays under the new law. Users under the … Continue reading China limits playing online games of minors

Diablo 2

Diablo II: Resurrected

The Lord of Destruction Returns Diablo II: Resurrected includes all content from both Diablo II and its epic expansion Diablo II: Lord of Destruction®. Battle your way through icy caverns, horrific tombs filled with undead abominations, and frozen wastelands to the frigid summit of Mount Arreat and stop Baal, the Lord of Destruction. Raise hell with two Lord of Destruction playable classes—the cunning Assassin, master of traps and shadow disciplines, and the savage Druid, a bold shapeshifter and summoner who commands primal elemental magic.